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Nepean Martial Arts offers classes in three very different styles – Taekwondo, Haidong Gumdo and Liu He Ba Fa. Each of these styles helps to build physical and mental strength, self-discipline and emotional resilience. Our focus is on helping all our students to achieve their goals and to be the best person they can. Respect, self-discipline, resilience and tenacity are the cornerstones of our training philosophy.
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Nepean Martial Arts is a COVID safe accredited business.

At Nepean Martial Arts, we are committed to COVID safety and the community we are a part of.

All of our instructors have completed the required COVID Safe training programme provided by the NSW Government. This will ensure the safety of our students when in class and at club events.

Read more about the COVID safe business program here.

What We Teach

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TAEKWONDO is a fun, physical Korean martial art that uses kicks, blocks, punches and set forms to build a dynamic syllabus that includes individual practice and partnered sparring in controlled conditions.

The syllabus gradually builds physical strength, fitness, balance and control and helps to build self-respect and discipline in all our students.

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Haidong Gumdo

HAIDONG GUMDO is a Korean sword martial art that employs a wide variety of activities to build strong technique and control. These activities include set forms that prepare students for sparring activities, bamboo cutting, paper cutting and candle snuffing to build accuracy of technique, and creative sword dance to build agility, balance and beauty with the sword.

We offer a modified syllabus for our younger Haidong Gumdo students to ensure that they build all the basic sword skills before they move into the more technical areas of the syllabus.

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Liu He Ba Fa (Tai Chi Kung Fu)

LIU HE BA FA is a blend of Tai Chi and Kung Fu that creates a martial art that enhances your mental and emotional state while gently building physical strength, balance and control. Its movements are gentle and flowing but its techniques are strong and effective.

This is a martial art that combines mindfulness with defensive and attacking techniques that really work.

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Our Other Programs

In-School Programs

Nepean Martial Arts has been involved with in-school martial arts programs for many years, working with young students and with teaching and support staff.

Corporate Programs

Nepean Martial Arts can put together custom packages for your corporate staff event, including group bonding, trust building and team work events designed to make your team stronger. Contact us to find out more and we can tailor a package to your needs

Latest News and Events

Welcome back to Nepean Martial Arts for 2021

Welcome back to Nepean Martial Arts for 2021

All of us at Nepean Martial Arts are looking forward to resuming our classes for 2021. It's been a great break, but we're ready to get back into training, starting on Monday, February 1. The only change in our timetable for Term 1 of 2021 will be the resumption of our...

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NMA’s response to the Covid-19 Requirements for 2021

NMA’s response to the Covid-19 Requirements for 2021

We will be going into Term 1 of 2021 following the same procedures we put in place for the last 2 terms of 2020. These include: Requirements for all students to book in for each class they intend to do each week. This enables us to manage class size limits...

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It’s time to use your Active Kids vouchers

It’s time to use your Active Kids vouchers

Allschool-age kids In NSW are entitled to a $100 voucher each year to go towards their active recreation. You can use your vouchers towards your Nepean Martial Arts fees. It's easy and It makes a REAL difference. For more information, just go...

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