Grading Sessions – Term 1, 2021

Grading Sessions – Term 1, 2021

Gradings for Term 1 2021

We will be holding our first formal Taekwondo grading for the year on Sunday, March 28 at Glenmore Park Public School. Please check the timetable below for grading times.

Spectators will be limited to 2 adults per grading student again this term and we will ask all spectators to register at the desk on the day.

If you are grading, please wear your formal Taekwondo uniform and belt. Bare feet or martial arts shoes are recommended for the grading. Please bring a drink with you.

Here are the details:

Venue: Glenmore Park Public School, 33-41 The Lakes Drive, Glenmore Park [Map]->

Date:     Sunday, March 28, 2021

Please click the button below to book your spectator tickets.

Current Belt LevelGrading Time
White9:00 AM
Yellow 1 Stripe9:15 AM
Yellow 2 Stripe9:30 AM
Yellow 3 Stripe9:45 AM
Blue 1 Stripe10:00 AM
Blue 2 Stripe10:15 AM
BLue 3 Stripe10:30 AM

Current Belt LevelGrading Time
Red 1 Stripe10:45 AM
Red 2 Stripe11:00 AM
Red 3 Stripe11:15 AM
Provisional11:30 AM (Grading to 1st Dan)
Dan, Dan Stripe11:30 AM - Onwards

Haidong Gumdo

These will be held in class during week 9 on the following dates for students doing a coloured belt or Dan stripe grading:

Date Time Location
Monday, March 29 7.00 to 8.00 pm Glenmore Park Public School [Map]->
Wednesday, March 31  7.30 to 8.30 pm Blackwell Public School [Map]->

Liu He Ba Fa

These will be conducted in class during weeks 8 and 9 on the following dates:

Date Time Location
Friday 26th March 7.00 to 8.00 pm Blackwell Public School [Map]->
Tuesday 30th March 8.00 to 9.00 pm Fernhill Primary School [Map]->


Please speak to your instructor or contact us as soon as possible if you have any questions or concerns about your grading

Welcome back to Nepean Martial Arts for 2021

Welcome back to Nepean Martial Arts for 2021

All of us at Nepean Martial Arts are looking forward to resuming our classes for 2021. It’s been a great break, but we’re ready to get back into training, starting on Monday, February 1.

The only change in our timetable for Term 1 of 2021 will be the resumption of our Tuesday evening Liu He Ba Fa class at Fernhill Primary School from 8:00 pm to 8:50 pm. All other classes will continue as per the 2020 timetable.

Our Covid-19 procedures will remain as they were at the end of 2020. This includes:

  • Bookings are required for all classes to ensure that class limits are enforced. You can do this from the Class Bookings link under the Classes & Timetables option on the main menu.
  • The 4 square metres per student requirement will be met in all classes
  • Parents and carers will be asked to escort their children to the hall and to bring along their own drink bottle.
  • There will be no contact sparring for Taekwondo or Haidong Gumdo.
  • If you are unwell or have any flu-like symptoms we ask that you stay away from class, get tested, and let us know the result of your test before you come back to class.

We are planning to reinstate our specialist workshops this term and we will have more information about our term 1 specialist workshop at the start of term.

If you have any concerns or questions, please get in touch with us.

Stay safe, star well and we well see you soon.

PS: Please remember to book in for each class you want to attend each week.

NMA’s response to the Covid-19 Requirements for 2021

NMA’s response to the Covid-19 Requirements for 2021

We will be going into Term 1 of 2021 following the same procedures we put in place for the last 2 terms of 2020. These include:

  • Requirements for all students to book in for each class they intend to do each week. This enables us to manage class size limits efficiently. (go to the Classes & Timetables tab, select Class Bookings from the list of options. Select the class you want to book for, enter the student’s name and email, and confirm your booking.)
  • Students must bring along a drink bottle full of water for each class.
  • Parents/carers are asked to escort the student to the hall entry and stay with them until they are ushered into the hall and to collect their children from the hall entry at the end of the class.
  • Students’ attendance will be electronically logged for each class to assist contact tracing.
  • Please do not come to our classes if you are feeling unwell or have any “flu-like” symptoms. If you have had a Covid-19 test please let us know, and let us know the result of your test.

Your assistance with these requirements will help us all stay safe and train with confidence. Thank you for your cooperation,

If you have any concerns, please contact us via our website (, or via our Facebook page (

D Adlam & S Adlam,
Trading as Nepean Martial Arts
ABN: 90 967 824 502