Nepean Martial Arts – COVID-19 Class Procedures

In addition to the changes described below, everyone will be expected to observe the appropriate distance from those around them, and to observe good hygiene throughout their time in class.

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1. Timetable Changes & Class Duration:

Some classes will not be held during term 3, specifically the Monday Advanced Haidong Gumdo class and the Tuesday Family Liu He Ba Fa class.

Classes will run for 50 minutes rather than a full hour to allow us to thoroughly clean and sanitize the training area and equipment before the next class begins.

Please check the class timetable to make sure you are familiar with the changes.

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2. Register for Classes:

Students will be asked to register their intention to attend every class. This will help us achieve the required distance between students, and to ensure that we do not exceed the maximum capacity for each class. Click here to register for a class

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3. Temperature Testing & Assessment:

All students and teaching staff will have their temperature taken with a non-contact thermometer before they enter the hall. Anyone whose temperature exceeds the permitted maximum will not be allowed to join the class. Families dropping children off for classes are asked to stay until their child/children have been temperature-tested. NSW Health guidelines recommend that people with a temperature of 37.5 degrees or higher be excluded from group activities.

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4. Entering Classes:

No spectators will be able to stay in the training venue. Children should be escorted to the door and supervised until they are admitted to their class. Students must remain outside the training venue until they have been temperature tested and ushered inside the venue.

Exiting Class

5. Leaving Classes:

Students will leave the hall at the conclusion of their class and will be supervised until they are collected by a family member.


6. Exclusion from Classes:

Students who are feeling unwell are asked not to come to class and, if they require testing for Covid19, that they advise Nepean Martial Arts that they are being tested and the result of their test. Students with a temperature of 37.5 degrees or higher will be excluded from classes.

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